Make the most of your membership

Our objective is to help you to build a successful business.

We do this in two ways:

  • By sharing knowledge, skills and expertise about what it takes to build a great business.
  • By helping you to build a network of people who will be happy to recommend you to their networks.

The guiding principle in Drive is that we’re here to help each other, not to sell to each other, but we all need to understand who you are, what your business is and what skills and expertise each of us has, and so we encourage you to share as much as possible with other members. We have a number of ways you can do this

All members

Facebook: Join our Facebook Group and add it to your favourites on Facebook. ‘Like’ our Business Page. Tick the “Get Notifications” and “Following” tabs so that you get the notifications. Every Monday and Friday join in our on-line networking in our Facebook Group where you can update everyone on what’s happening with your business. Every Wednesday from 12 noon – 1pm GMT join our “Ask the Expert” live Q&A on a range of topics. Use the Group to get instant support and answers to your business questions with no spam and no selling.

LinkedIn: ‘Follow’ Drive The Network Company Page on LinkedIn to get updates.

Twitter: Follow @DrivetheNetwork on Twitter. Subscribe to the Drive Members Twitter List to follow everyone in one easy click. Use #DrivetheNetwork to find, follow and network with other Drive members. We’ll re-tweet your news where appropriate.

Follow DrivetheNetwork on Instagram

Look out for posts and recordings of events delivered direct to your in-box.

All previous event reports, recordings, networking tips, Ask the Expert and more, are yours to read as you need them on our blog. You can search by category or topic.

If you need help using any of the social networks, please just ask. 

Pro members

You automatically become a member of the Drive Business Hub (launched June 2017) and get access to a private Q&A forum that will build into a valuable resource of skills and information as well as webinars and podcasts on topics our members have asked for.

Get your member profile published. This is a far cry from the static listing or directory on most sites. We publish this in the form of an interview starting with the question, “What excites you about your business?”  Every profile is circulated at regular intervals in our on-line networks so reaches new audiences all the time. You can do your Member Profile interview by email or Skype. To get started just email ann@drivethenetwork.com

The sooner you do this, the sooner we can start to promote your business! 
You can attend an unlimited number of group meetings, special interest groups and workshops.
You can register for access to our private, members forum.

In our Facebook Group you can be the expert in our “Ask the Expert” discussions every Wednesday at noon.  You can share your latest blog posts, offerings, triumphs, goals, news or anything else about your business in the group. Ask questions, offer advice and support, have a bit of fun and get to know people.

Premium members

As well as all of the above, you automatically become a member of the exclusive Drive Business Growth Club is where you can access the “Work Smart Not Hard Programme”, and get support for building your business.

Create an account on the Goalstormer platform (please use your real name so that we recognise you), then ask to join the dedicated Drive Members Business Growth Club. When you set your goals you’ll get peer group support and mentoring ton help you to stay on track as part of the Drive Monthly Mastermind and Accountability Group held on the last Friday of every month.

If you’d like to run an event or workshop for Drive members, let us know and we’ll help you to promote it.

For confidential help with your business email mentor@drivethenetwork.com

Get what you want by helping other people get what they want

The more you get to know other Drive members on-line as well as at local meetings, the easier it will be to build trust and to extend your network of people who are happy to recommend you to their own networks.

One of the best ways to build trust is to share your own skills, experience and knowledge to help other members.

Help us to help you

We want to promote your business both within our membership and through our on-line networks, newsletters, blogs and press releases. We can do this more easily if you let us know what is happening, so keep us up to date with your activities. We’re happy to brag on your behalf!

Increase your visibility

Share your expertise to help a wider business audience by writing for our blog. Just send us the text and we’ll do the rest and publish it to our mailing lists with links back to your website.

Get free business advice

The whole point about Drive is that we’re here to help you build a successful business, not just get you sales leads, so whatever you need advice about, just ask, and if its confidential we’ll keep it that way.

We hope you’ll have fun being a member of Drive and that you’ll help us to help you to grow your business!