The Drive Manifesto 

People have an inner drive to be good at what they do, to be self-directed and connected.

Come to Drive to connect and learn.

Come to Drive to support and be supported.

Come to Drive to inspire and be inspired.

Be curious.

Help people because you can, not because you think you’ll get something in return.

Listen more than you talk.

Be interested in others rather than try to get them to be interested in you.

Never assume people will know or remember your name. Say it often.


Don’t leave anyone with no-one to talk to.

Make people comfortable.

Instead of “What do you do?” ask people why they do what they do.

Listen some more.

Have conversations instead of pitching.

Look for connections not leads.

Open your mind to new people and things.

Ask how you can help.

Ask for permission.


Make people welcome.

Have fun.