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Kathy Salaman Joining Drive has been the best business decision I’ve ever made. I’ve come a long way with my business in the past few months, and it’s all down to Drive. Thank you! Kathy Salaman The Cambridge Tutor 



How do I find trusted suppliers?

Search the Drive Members Profile Directory using keywords. You can get found this way by people looking for your skills too! (June 2017)

How will other Drive members know what I do?

  • They’ll find you by searching the Drive Members Profile Directory. Be sure to fill in your profile using keywords. (June 2017)
  • Do an “Ask the Expert” session and you’ll get known for your expertise!
  • Be interviewed for the Drive blog and we’ll publish it for you and send it to all Drive members.
  • Run events and workshops for Drive members – you can charge for this and we’ll help you to promote it. (Premium Members only)

How do I meet other Drive members?

  • Join the Drive Facebook Group, and enjoy lots of informal discussions. The more you contribute, the easier it is for others to get to know you.
  • Go to any of the local group meetings and if there isn’t one near you, we’ll help you to set one up.

How do I learn about building a successful business?

  • Get recordings of our events with great speakers, business tips and inspiration delivered direct to your in-box. Keep these in your own library to refer to or use the Drive website to find what you need on any topic.
  • Discuss the events with other Drive members to learn how they’re using the information to grow their businesses.
  • Use the private Q&A forum to get help on any business subject and you’ll get an instant response from people who are sharing their knowledge, not selling solutions.

         In addition, for Premium Members

  • Use the “Work Smart Not Hard” Programme: eight training modules that help you to build a great business.
  • Set your goals on the Goalstormer platform and get great support to stay on track
  • Enjoy on-line Mastermind Group meetings every month and get peer group support and mentoring.
  • Get confidential 1-1 mentoring.

How can I promote my business?

  • Give an interview about your business and have it published and sent to all our members.
  • Be the expert in our “Ask the Expert” discussions.
  • Write for the Drive blog.
  • Use the Members Marketplace for offers and discounts to other Drive members.




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When you’ve paid, please complete the Membership Application Form.

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We’ll issue you with a VAT receipt and full details of how to make the most of your membership.

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Louise LeeI really value the lack of competitiveness and the honesty. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed. It’s so refreshing. Also, I’m allowed to be human – if things aren’t going well, I don’t need to to pretend! Louise Lee Saunders and Lee