Huntingdon / St Ives

 Next meeting Tuesday 16th May

08:30 to 11:00
The Old Bridge Hotel – 1 High Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3TQ

How to find your unique and profitable niche


  • Is your business not making the money you expect for profitable growth on your product (service) despite all marketing efforts?
  • Are your (potential) customers spending money on your product (service) offering but only sporadically or not enough for sustainable growth?
  • Do your (potential) customers perceive your product or service as somewhat generic or anonymous to your other competitors?
The talk will cover:
What is a niche market? 
Your Customer’s Profile and Journey
How to Find Your Unique and Profitable Niche
Armed with insightful and rich information of your niche customers, you will be able to explore where there is a potential high demand for your market, low competition, and the highest income potential.
Mila Aliana is a global senior consultant and leader of 20 years, living and working in the US, Europe and Asia.

She has provided consultancy services at Barclays, Prudential, British Telecom amongst many others.

She has recently collaborated with University College of London’s Centre for Advances as one of its business coaches (mentors) in a UK-wide government initiative for leaders and founders of small and medium sized enterprises with high growth ambitions.

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Attendance list

Guest speaker – Mila Aliana 

David Brown @PotentialityC   Potentiality Coaching,
Philip Saich @WeArePostscript  Postscript
Paul Welling  @ItsSoTravel   ItsSo Travel
Christine Seymour @ChristineKTS   KTS Computers Ltd
Emma Cottington @TaylorKeebleUK   Taylor Keeble Accountants
Nicky Peters @AnUltimateWoman   NickyPeters
Sam Taylor @IDoDigitalStuff  Sam Taylor Consulting
Lenka Koppova  @lenkakopp  LK – Social Media

Ann Hawkins @AnnHawkins Inspiring Entrepreneurs MD of Drive the Network 
Andrew Hawkins @Andrew_Hawkins Mercantile Group

Dates for your diary:

June 20th – Sean Dennis “How to become your own best friend in business” Book here
July 18th (Swan Room)
August 8th
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Group Leader – David Brown

David Brown changing mindsets
David runs Potentiality Coaching and uses the powerful mind / body techniques he’s learned in 20 years of teaching martial arts to help people to increase their awareness of mind and body so that they can live life with more confidence, meaning and purpose.

David was one of the very first members of Drive, joining the Cambridge Group straight after the launch.

David says, “I had tried several networking groups over the years but found networking to be a pretty unpleasant experience. I was delighted to find that Drive  offered a real alternative and within a few months it was obvious that it delivered exactly what it said it would. I’ve already transformed my business based on the help I’ve got and I’m really happy to have the opportunity to bring Drive to more people by leading a fantastic team of Partners in the Huntingdon / St Ives Group.

I think networking can be so much more than just telling people about your business and hoping it will convert to clients and sales. I believe networking can also be about collaboration built on relationships that mutually enhance our businesses and each other as individuals. I would like to build a group that provides inspiration, training and support in all areas of business development so that we Drive to Thrive.”

Find David at Potentiality Coaching, on Twitter @PotentialityC and on Facebook 

Group Partners

Philip Saich

Philip Saich

Philip is the MD of Postscript, a dynamic marketing and communications agency offering fully integrated digital and print services including website design and development, graphic design, email marketing, video, search engine optimisation, social media management, content creation, marketing strategy and branding.

Since launching Postscript in 1997 Philip has been helping clients to grow their businesses by helping them establish and develop their brand and then communicate with their target market to win more business.

Philip says: “We’re a team of four: myself, Matt (studio manager), Chris (web developer) and Eloise (graphic designer). Our skills base enables us to offer the full range of marketing services, from branding and photography through to responsive web development and SEO.

Away from work, I’m a sports nut. I captain Steeple Morden Cricket Club, I’m a member of the MCC and – interestingly given your allegiance to Col U Paul – we’re season ticket holders at Cambridge United.

I’ve already had some great results from networking and I’m really looking forward to being part of Drive and helping something new to be successful.”


Christine Seymour

christine seymour
Christine is a Director of KTS Computers Ltd in St. Ives. KTS has been looking after customers computers and other IT needs for 20 years.
“We are the people you call when you are ready to throw your computer out of the window! We understand exactly how important IT is to every business, whatever size they are and that no-body can afford not to have safe, efficient and reliable equipment and processes.
We not only fix the hardware, we make sure that your all important data stays safe, that your back up systems work, that your anti-virus protection is up to date and up to the job and that all of your devices are in sync.  We can access our customers systems remotely so that speeds things up and means we can often spot problems and fix them before they cause an issue in your business. Whether you need laptops, PCs, servers, fully integrated systems or just some advice, we’re always happy to help!”  @ChristineKTS


Nicky Peters


Throughout my career, I have gained in excess of 20 years experience predominantly within the scientific instrumentation, accounting, hospitality, distribution and assessment tools sectors with specific skills in accounts, marketing and sales, business performance, and strategic and operational management.

I am also a qualified accountant (FCCA) and have been a board member and key player in executive teams where I aim to see the ‘bigger picture’ when making business and life decisions.

Having navigated my way through a number of life events including surviving breast cancer I have decided to live my best life and become a Inspirational Speaker and Coach.

Throughout my journey I have learned so much and want to share this with others so they don’t just survive… they thrive and GROW from their own experiences and passions.

Find Nicky on Twitter @anultimatewoman  on Facebook  and her website