Group Leaders and Partners

Do you have what it takes to be a Drive Group Leader?

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We’re looking for people who want to bring a fresh approach to networking to head up our groups as we open around the UK.

You’ll already be running a successful business and looking for a way to raise your profile by running your own networking group.

You’ll understand the value of networking to growing a business,
You’ll prefer collaboration over competition,
You’ll value connections over leads,
You’ll prefer conversations over pitches.

More than anything you’ll be comfortable with informality, a lack of ritual and people having fun being themselves, with no pretence.

What will Drive give you?

You’ll have local autonomy to run your group the way you and your members like, plus all the benefits of being part of a national organisation – the best of both worlds!

We take care of all the hassle of branding, marketing, PR, admin, website and social media, and you get systems that work without you having to invest time, money or effort in them.

Within this framework, you get to run the sort of group that suits you.

You can shine as the leader, build your own reputation and your own business.

You’ll have up to five partners who can share the workload and we’ll help you to recruit and train them.

You’ll be an important part of a national network  with a national as well as a local profile and you’ll be working with people who really want you to succeed.

In addition you’ll get the power of a central organisation that provides all the admin for collecting membership fees, sending renewal reminders, keeping records, providing terms and conditions of membership, calculating profit shares, building a network of groups, creating newsletters and a powerful on-line presence and branding.

Together, we all become more successful – its a win:win!

To become a Drive Group Leader:

  • You’ll buy a five year licence that gives you exclusive rights to run a Drive group in a specific location.  We’ll share the profits on membership fees of your group with you so you re-coup your investment quickly. By year two your profit will exceed your initial investment.
  • You’ll be able to recruit up to five Partners and as many members as you like so long as you have a minimum of 20 after six months.
  • You’ll know your local area, what’s going on and what’s missing and you’ll set up your group to complement rather than compete with other networking groups.
  • You’ll run a minimum of one meeting every calendar month and you and your partners will decide on the time of day, the venue, refreshments and topic.
  • You set the price for the meetings and collect the money from your members. Whether you make a profit, a loss or break even on meetings is up to you.

(Full Terms and Conditions, details of the profit sharing scheme and a Group Leaders Manual are provided.)



  • You’ll buy a Partners annual membership for a specific Drive Group.
  • You’ll help your Group Leader to recruit members and decide on the style of the group.
  • You’ll help your Group Leader to run meetings and invite people to attend.
  • You’ll take on a role to assist the Group Leader in accordance with your skills or experience.

On the anniversary of the launch of your group we’ll calculate your profit share based on the number of paid up members in your group.
At the end of your membership year you can choose to renew your Partner membership. (It should have paid for itself from your profit share).
You will be provided with full terms and conditions that detail the profit sharing scheme.

Support and training

The founders of Drive are experienced, successful networkers (among other things!)
We have a dtwitter-profileeep understanding of how networking can support business owners and help them to grow successful, thriving enterprises and we want to use all the benefits of on-line networking to enhance face to face meetings.

We will help Group Leaders and Partners to run highly successful groups that benefit everyone.
We will advise and train Group Leaders and Partners in the skills they need to recruit members, plan and market meetings, find speakers and trainers, hire venues, collect payments and make sure members are happy and getting great value from their membership.

We believe in collaboration over competition, in showing people how to build trusted relationships rather than forcing referrals, and in building strong business communities both on-line and face to face.
We know this approach works because we’ve done it for our own businesses!


Please email Andrew Hawkins to arrange a call to discuss the opportunity to increase your profile and grow your business with Drive.