Creating Ultimate Women!

Do you know your ultimate purpose?

I asked Drive member Nicky Peters to tell me what she finds most exciting about her business. This is what she said:

“I have a huge vision… to empower a million women to conquer their fear, discover their ultimate purpose and transform their lives. Because of this, I am excited in so many ways, firstly selfishly as I get to met so many amazing people but also because I have the opportunity to make a real impact on people’s lives every day – that is amazing.

On one occasion I worked with a professional lady who was struggling with self-confidence issues, particularly when it came to business relationships and in a networking environment. Working through this with her she was able to reframe her experiences, overcome her fears and ultimately accept her own achievements which up till then she had all but ignored. Not only was this process life changing for her, it allowed me to review my own negative feelings towards networking which is now something I absolutely love to do.

Ultimate Women

The vision I have is matched by an equally powerful mission to create life changing solutions for committed women that challenge and inspire them to live life to the max and become the ultimate champions they were born to be. Utilising my own expertise and experience, in the next few weeks I am launching which will be my vehicle to realise my goals. Ultimately, not only will this offer one to one transformation coaching, group coaching in the form of masterminds and online programmes, the whole ethos is to be global and in doing so utilise technology to support clients specifically through the use of video, apps and a range of psychometrics throughout the whole process.

I also love speaking so the future has a couple of additional exciting projects: will showcase my speaking and personal engagements and the YouTube Chanel will be the home of special interest interviews with other experts in the coaching & financial development field.

More about Nicky:

“I am a qualified accountant (FCCA) and have been a board member and key player in executive teams where I aim to see the ‘bigger picture’ when making business and life decisions.

Having navigated my way through a number of life events including surviving breast cancer I have decided to live my best life and become a Inspirational Speaker and Coach.

Throughout my journey I have learned so much and want to share this with others so they don’t just survive… they thrive and GROW from their own experiences and passions.”

Find Nicky on Twitter @TheNickyPeters,  on Facebook, and her website

Ann Hawkins